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UFO Hunters of America, Inc is a non-profit 501.c.3 organization and therefore rely on donations by loyal supporters, like you, for our continued operation serving the public.  We have mobilized an elite team of like minds across the industry, academia, and the nonprofit community with the goal of advancing our current understanding of unexplained phenomena and its implications on humanity. Our expert team believes there are epic discoveries within our reach, but we can only find them through the unrestricted support for our breakthrough research, innovation, and education.


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Founder, Chairman of the Board & Interim CEO

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Board of Directors, Co-Chief Director of Field Investigations,  Regional & WV State Director

Dave has been investigating and researching the supernatural since 1986 due to several experiences he had as a young man. Since that time he has conducted several hundred investigations in the U.S. as well as Europe.  Dave served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 Years and went on to work as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer retiring in 2011.  During his paranormal investigations, Dave has experienced many hair raising and un-nerving things as one might imagine.  Having investigated strange phenomena for over 30 years he has built many friendships with some of the most well known investigators in the field today. He has been seen on various TV shows to include: Expedition X, Ghost Nation, Terror in the Woods, Paranormal 911, , The UnXplained, In Search of Monsters, and These Woods are Haunted just to name a few.


He was also featured in the film Flatwoods Monster ( A Legacy of Fear) by Small Town Monsters. He has been a featured guest on hundreds of paranormal themed radio shows and podcasts. Dave is often a featured guest speaker at paranormal conferences around the country. He is also an Author on topics that include cryptids, hauntings and ufology releasing his first book "West Virginia Bigfoot"in 2018 and was featured in the highly successful "Woodknocks" series by David Weatherly. 

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Board of Directors, Co-Chief Director of Field Investigations,  Regional & Kentucky State Director

Barry “Bear” Gaunt, AKA the KY TruthSeeker, (as he is better known by many) has been researching the paranormal fields for over thirty years. Barry has always been a strong supporter of unity, sharing and working with others within the paranormal community. As an independent researcher, he is highly respected by his peers, for his data based, scientific “boots on the ground” investigative skills and style.

He currently serves as the Managing Director of the renowned Night Stalkers Paranormal Research Team and is a full-time volunteer at the historical and infamous haunted, Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, KY. He is also known as a Paranormal Lecturer, and has been featured on radio, TV and in newspaper articles.



Board of Directors, Co-Director of Memberships & Experiencer Research

Kevin J. Briggs is an author and specializes in consciousness and the connection to ET/UFOs. His recently published book is titled “Spiritual Consciousness A Personal Journey” by BMK Publishing and covers 57 years of his experiences of ET contact and UFO connections. Kevin speaks to many groups of UFO and ET enthusiasts. They are always eager to hear of his interactions, he always receives a warm reception. Kevin has written articles which have been published in the Truth Magazine. His published book was also mentioned in Psychic News (UK) in their editor’s 'good read' section. He has also written an article about his ET experiences which have been published in The New Observations magazine. Kevin has also appeared on local radio stations and recently filmed for a TV show “Unlocking Your Limitless Life” hosted by Susan Shatzer and produced by Robin C Adams. Kevin was also a keynote speaker, in Miami at the
FREE “Consciousness; Contact Experiencer Conference”, hosted by The Edgar Mitchell “Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences". Kevin was a speaker at the Consciousness and Contact Conference held in July 2019 at The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Kevin has also been a guest on The Karen Swain Show from Australia, The Kevin Moore Show UK, and is a regular guest on Melisa
Kennedy’s TV show The UFO Woman, filmed locally in Florida. Kevin is a co-author with Melisa Kennedy and Edgar Yohe of the recently published book “Tap Into Universal Energy” Understanding cosmic energy and consciousness. Kevin’s website:

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Board of Directors and Director of Ethics

Terry Lovelace is a six-year veteran of the United States Air Force. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Park University, and a law degree from Western Michigan. He has been admitted to the bar in Michigan, American Samoa and the State of Vermont. Inactive now, he was a lawyer in private practice before becoming a civil servant. In American Samoa he served as an Assistant Attorney General and General Counsel for LBJ Tropical Medical Center. He has also worked as a felony prosecutor for the Territory. In Vermont he was an Assistant Attorney General for their Board of Medical Practice until his retirement in 2012. 


He served as a board member for OPUS, the Organization of Paranormal Understanding and Support. No longer an active board member he serves in an advisory role for OPUS. In 2018 he wrote and self-published "Incident at Devils Den, a true story ..." about his 1977 abduction while wilderness camping with a friend in an Arkansas State Park. He's been a speaker at UFO Congress, Contact in the Desert, Roswell and others. In November 2019 he and Leslie Kean were guest speakers at Rice University near Houston. We presented in front of faculty and PhD candidates in their Humanities Department. We are scheduled to return in November 2021. Terry and his wife of 44 years live in Dallas Texas, near their two adult children and grandchildren.

natalie jones


Board of Directors & Co-Director of Marketing & Events

Natalie Jones is Creator & Co-Founder of Texas Paracon, L.L.C., Texas Paraunity. Natalie is currently in the doctoral program at the University of Sedona ~Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D., with continuing Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Conscious-Centered Living. Natalie is a lead investigator of Ghosthunter Girls, & paranormal author of Awaken the Higher Self: Bringing Darkness to Light (BMK Publishing). Natalie has spent her life preparing for what has manifested as a calling and soul mission to help others as a Dark Energy Healing Facilitator through sending dark energy to The Light. Natalie also helps “stuck” spirits move into the light so they may resume the eternal progression process. She is well-versed in this field and is eager to spread this knowledge and wisdom for the greater good and collective consciousness.

Since early childhood, Natalie has had experiences and has encountered the paranormal, which has led her where she is today as Lead Navigator (termed by Natalie), Founder, & Creator of Ghosthunter Girls. In dealing with Dark Energy and other paranormal phenomena as a being of light, Natalie has further uncovered her purpose through different techniques and communication. With the ability to transmute Dark Energy and assist spirits who are stuck in the third dimension, others being affected such as experiencing paranormal activity, are also relieved.

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Board of Directors, Chief Operations Officer, Co-Director of Memberships & Experiencer Research

Edgar is a retired Air Force Sergeant of 20 years as well as an electrical engineer.  He is also a master practitioner of Reiki.  His interest in UFOs and contact began in 2015, when he had a close encounter, numerous extraterrestrial contacts and subsequent channelings.



Co-Chairman of the Board

Ms. Etman currently works in nonprofit management and has always maintained volunteer and community service involvement reaching out to those that she has a heart to help. Ms. Etman graduated from Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.