founder's message     melisa kennedy

Fostering knowledge of the universe's mysteries.

UFOHA’s recipe for success is going to be simple yet powerful. We are led by our volunteers and our members, all of whom are seeking the truth. You are our heart and soul, our muscles and energy to raise the funds and deliver research and education to humanity. All charities have donors. We have passionate, hardworking members and volunteers who make things happen. We are also science based in our procedures. We invest in research—practical research into these unresolved mysteries—that guides our investment of your hard-earned dollars, and we put those dollars where they deliver the greatest return.


We really are moving heaven and earth to seek the truth. 


Our people—you—make our mission possible: To inspire, explore and apply the education of UFOs in newfound ways that can advance human knowledge and have a profound impact on the future of humanity.

Melisa S. Kennedy, CEO

UFO Hunters of America, Inc.