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Building trust matters. For me, there is nothing more valuable or essential to starting a brand new organization than the way our members and community feels when they are associated with us here at UFOHA. This philosophy drives nearly everything I do and all that we stand for—in part because we deeply believe that "finding the truth" is our driving force.

If you’ve followed our work thus far, you might notice a pattern—that we are doing things differently, the Board and I are drawn to doing things better and grander.

From the outside looking in, it may seem like we are moving slow, but rest assured we are doing it the right way.

So when we decided to do a little online web series project like the one we’re announcing today, it will bridge the gap of us being launched to being totally built. Thus, we are calling the mini series "Road To Launch" and it will debut in about two weeks!

The team and I are thrilled to share the news that our Founding Members will get full access to this mini series, and the general public will get snippets on our social media channels. To become a Founding Member, click here to join in the truth revolution.

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