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Want to get in on the action?  Help with our many research efforts by volunteering as well as other needs our organization has.  State Directors & Field Investigators are being sought after now.  Request more info below:

Report UFOs, Paranormal, & Other Phenonmena

Report a sighting or experience to UFO Hunters of America, Inc. and we will investigate to seek the truth about what you saw and/or experienced.

We do this free of charge. We will accept a charitable donation if you feel moved to support our mission so others may benefit from our services and education.



Presented here is a nonprofit that is first of its kind to fully incorporate

UFOs, Paranormal, Experiencer, and Universal Consciousness research under one roof.  

The launch of UFO Hunters of America, Inc will prove to be

the new wave of inspiration to resolving the unknown mysteries of our Universe through our research, education, and entertainment offerings that ultimately builds a new community full of POSITIVITY, SUPPORT, and PROMISE.

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